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Introducing solutions from forApp.
Automated Solution
Automated Solution
자동화 솔루션
The advantages of the forApp solution are first accuracy, second speed, and third cloud platform.
Using the 'forApp' solution, it takes less than 3 seconds to identify key accessibility
instructional items, such as alternate text, and focus on a single application screen.
Share automated inspection reports built with fast and accurate solutions to
the cloud platform so you can view them whenever you want.
Alternate text
forApp's automated check solution informs you of the
presence of alternate text in the application content.
Focus 1, 2, 3 images on the right are images that show
whether the alternate text is available or not by
automatically inspection for forApp. When checking the
application screen, determine whether the screen is an
alternate text in all areas where the focus is approaching
the screen. Correcting the replacement text of the failed
Focus makes it easy and fast to follow the accessibility
forapp Alternative Text Extraction Pictures
Check the accessibility of your application with forApp's
automated inspection solution, giving you a single view
of where the focus is accessed from the accessibility
, the Android Talkback, Voice Assistant.
forapp focus extraction target photos
forapp focus extraction photos
Total Inspection
전수 검사
Conduct a Total Inspection with Automation Solutions.
ForApp's automation solution saves you a lot of time compared to traditional
hand-checks, allowing you to run total inspection and perform fast and
accurate checks
. ForApp can be inspected on any Android-based device.
Mobile apps, hybrid apps, and mobile web can all be inspected. The version of
the inspected application is recorded and can be inspected with the previous
version when re-inspection after the update.
※IOS is currently preparing to open.
Big data
UI screens
UI components
Forapp Collects Applications, UI Screens, and UI
Component Big Data.
Statistics of data collected from the past to the present through forApp's
automated inspection solution. Indicates the total number of applications, the
number of user interface screens, and the number of UI components.
It also provides statistics based on the frequency of use of UI components.
Frequently used
UI components
  • 25.1%view.View
  • 6.2%widget.TextView
  • 1.7%widget.ListView
  • 1.4%widget.LinearLayout
  • 1.2%widget.Button
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