Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How can I use the 'forApp' service?

'forApp' service, select between auto inspection, technical inspection, and comprehensive consulting and send us an inquiry, and we will send you a quotation and detailed consulting information.

Are there any specific standards that mobile applications should follow?

The standard of 'KSX 3263: 2016 Mobile Application Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0' applies to Korea.

Is it possible to check the
tablet-based application?

It can be checked on all Android-based tablets.

Is accessibility certification possible?

'forApp' will check your accessibility to verify your compliance with mobile accessibility for accessibility certification, and will assist you in your process to obtain certification.

How is the accessibility check delivered?

Hand over automatic check reports and comprehensive reports produced as 'forApp' solutions to pdf.
Checked with the 'forApp' solution is cloud service, and you can check the same online.

Is it possible to check the mobile web or hybrid web?

You can also check the mobile web or hybrid web. However, the part consisting of the web is displayed by replacing it with the app-based UI information, not the web UI information.

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