Checklist by Job Group

Checklist by Job Group

Checklist by Job Group
Mobile accessibility guidelines topic UX / Planning UI design Publishing Development
1.Text Alternatives
2.Provide Subtitles, sign language, etc.
3.Color-independent perception
4.Light contrast
5.Clear instructions
6.Notification feature
8.Support for push behavior
9.Adjust response time
10.Provides stop function
11.Size and spacing of controls
12.Provide for input text
13.User interface consistency
14.Limit blink usage
15.AutoPlay Prohibited
17.Utilize font-related features
18.Compatibility with assistive technology
For each of the 18 mobile accessibility guidelines, the occupational groups related to each item are indicated.

Accessibility by job category

UX / Planner
It is important to consider accessibility from the initial stage of content creation. A planner can
add or omit content while planning the content himself. If you don't create content that doesn't
include flashing content or automatically plays background sound, you've followed two of the
guidelines. If the content of the alt text is passed on to the next worker, the alt text can be
delivered as planned. This is a way to increase the quality of application content along with
mobile application accessibility.
#Text Alternatives
#Provide Subtitles, sign language, etc.
#Color-independent perception
#Light contrast
#Clear instructions
#Notification feature
#Support for push behavior
#Provides stop function
#Size and spacing of controls
#Provide for input text
#User interface consistency
#Limit blink usage
#AutoPlay Prohibited

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