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Related Sites


It is a consignment-execution-type quasi-governmental institution under the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea, created for the purpose of developing policies related to the promotion of informatization of national institutions in Korea, and supporting the creation of an information culture and information gap.
It is a web accessibility research institute of the Korea Intelligent Information Society Agency that supports information accessibility system support, information
accessibility survey, and information accessibility improvement.
It is a national institution of the Republic of Korea that carries out work for the protection and improvement of human rights. We conduct investigations and remedies for human rights violations and discriminatory acts.

Other companies

It promotes and distributes the Koreanization of W3C technical documents and provides various web technologies such as web standards and web accessibility.
Provides an introduction to accessibility-related features of Microsoft products and an accessibility guide.
Shares accessibility requirements with IBM's Accessibility Toolkit.
Provides Apple's accessibility (accessibility technology in MAC OS, iPhone accessibility, etc.), accessibility templates.
Share Google's accessibility guides and resources.
As a Naver accessibility service, it provides basic background and guidelines for web accessibility, and provides web accessibility experiences and UI libraries for each type of disability.

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