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Framework act
on intelligent
Framework act on intelligent informatization is a law that stipulates the basic direction of the
intelligent information society and matters necessary for establishing and promoting related policies.
Bill (1) National agencies and similar entities shall guarantee accessibility when providing information or services through the information and communications networks so that persons with disabilities, senior citizens, etc. can easily access wired and wireless information communications, such as websites and application software installed in mobile communications terminals (referring to terminal devices required to access facilities-based telecommunications services which use frequencies allocated under the Radio Waves Act; hereinafter the same shall apply).
Act on the
prohibition of
against disabled
persons, remedy
infringement of
their rights, etc.
The Act on the Prohibition of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities and Remedies for Rights
(hereinafter referred to as the Anti-Discrimination Act on Persons with Disabilities) prohibits
discrimination on the grounds of disability in all areas of life Law.

The Act on the Prevention of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities was amended on June 30,
2021, and the following provisions were newly established on July 27, 2021. In the bill, ‘mobile
communication terminal device’ refers to a mobile phone (smartphone).
Bill Article 21 (Obligation to Provide Reasonable Conveniences in Information Communication,
Communication, etc.)
② When an actor, etc. provides information or services through an information and communications
network, application software, etc. installed on a mobile communication terminal device (referring to a
terminal device necessary to use a key communication service using a frequency allocated under the
Radio Waves Act) It shall provide reasonable convenience necessary for enabling the disabled to access
and use the wired and wireless information and communications prescribed by Presidential Decree on
an equal basis with those who are not disabled. <Newly established on July 27, 2021>

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