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Service Process
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Auto Inspection Report
자동 점검 보고서
The automatic inspection report
contains alternate text presence
of application content checked
by the automated inspection
solution. Alternate Text is the
main accessibility check item.
Quickly determine whether
alternative text is available or
not is of great help to the task of
authenticating accessibility.

You can see that an alternate text
error has occurred in Focus 11, 12.
The automated inspection report contains
the location of the focus and path of appli-
cation content checked by the automated
inspection solution of forApp. The focus is
one of the main accessibility checks.
To know the location of the focus to tradi-
tional approaches must be moved using the
screen reading program in turn, but forapp
automatically analyzes
the focus quickly
and easily.

You can see that the focus on the screen does
not move logically.
Automated Inspection Report
Mobile Accessibility Analysis Report that automatically checks
the accessibility vulnerabilities of mobile applications through
the automated inspection solution for App.
We will produce an automated inspection report with the automated
inspection solution for App.
In a short period of time, major accessibility instruction items such as
alternative text and focus on the application screen are checked to find
errors and produce reports that produce statistics.
It is used as data for customer accessibility certification.
Comprehensive Report
종합 보고서

Comprehensive Report
+   Automated inspection report
+ Technical Inspection Report
+ User Evaluation Report
To meet your mobile accessibility certification criteria,
we will check and consult you on compliance with
mobile accessibility.
Inspection Report
This is an automatic report that
checks key items of accessibility
guidelines with the automatic
inspection solution for application to
understand the current status.
Inspection Report
Conduct consulting and report
on accessibility certification.
User Evaluation
A report that assesses the availability
of disabled users after they have
established key application tasks.
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