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  • The forApp Service is opened
    We are proud to announce the beta open of the forApp service.

    forApp is an online service that automatically checks mobile applications for conformance with accessibility standards to ensure the applications can be accessed by everyone. The inspection results can be downloaded in PDF format. You can review the accessibility inspection results classified by each mobile equipment used, application version and menu screen. Anyone can sign up for the service free of charge during the open beta period and review the analysis reports of preloaded mobile applications.

    Guide for forApp service

    - During the beta open period anyone can sign up for a free membership (good for the beta open period)
    - During the beta open period anyone who subscribed to our service can use forApp service only for personal use. Commercial use and/or distribution of the resources provided by forApp service are strictly prohibited. Please contact us if you would like to use any part of our service for commercial use or redistribute any contents provided by our service.
    - Should you have any questions, please contact us via email or online through Contact menu.
    - If you have any questions on the inspection results, please contact us using the Mobile Accessibility> Q & A board.
  • forApp is an online service that automatically checks mobile applications for conformance with accessibility standards
    forApp service is a user interface analysis service for a mobile application.

    The forApp service supports improving the user interface of a mobile application by analyzing each user interface unit of mobile application.

    First, forApp service provides an automated analysis report of accessibility issues of a mobile application. Developers and operators of a mobile application can improve their application by inspecting accessibility analysis report.

    Second, forApp service manages inspection results of mobile accessibility by classifying version information, inspected devices and screen-specific information in the application.

    Third, forApp service lets you automatically create a mobile accessibility report. Users can continue to improve mobile accessibility by reviewing the report.

    Fourth, forApp service is waiting for your feedback to improve mobile accessibility. We look forward to improving the quality of our service and the inspection results.

    Thank you for your interest and participation on this project.